Title: Run Toward Them

Dialogue: “Alright I just need to put your name in…and voila, here is your entire background…so now what?”

Prop/Action: Glasses. We see a character selecting a pair of glasses from a selection of at least 5 pairs. They put them on.


“Great!” – Dan Starkey (Commander Strax, Dr Who)

“Literally rapturous” – Anton Bitel (Sight and Sound

RUN TOWARD THEM                              48-HOUR SCI-FI COMPETITION (2012)

When a young man’s wife is chosen for ascension, a propaganda-fuelled means to control overpopulation, he decides to challenge the oppressors no matter how futile his actions may be.


Director: Kate Herron 

Writers: Kate Herron, David Reed, Paul Foxcroft, Briony Redman, Tom Bell & Charlotte Gittins. 


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Made for the 48-hour Sci-Fi competition at the London Sci-Fi Film Festival 2012 by team Don’t Panic. The aim of the competition is to write-shoot-edit a film in 48-hours with a title, prop and line of dialogue you are given on the first day.

Run Toward Them was directed by Kate Herron and improvised around a story-line Kate constructed with her cast.

The cast included award-winning comedians including: David Reed (One third of multi-award winning sketch group The Penny Dreadfuls, over thirty 5* reviews), Tom Bell (Episodes, HBO "Project Greenlight"), Paul Foxcroft (Drifters), Charlotte Gittins (Austentatious) and Briony Redman (Red Planet Prize Finalist 2010).