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Kate Herron is currently working on a number of feature projects, some of which are detailed below....others you'll have to buy her a coffee to find out about.


Miss Universe follows Lauren, a serial beauty pageant contestant who finds her last chance to win thwarted when the pageant comes under alien attack. Forced to work with the other contestants, their fight for the crown has become a fight for survival in this female-led The Thing meets Mean Girls apocalyptic comedy. 

About: Miss Universe was developed to the final round on Film London's Microwave feature development scheme in partnership with BBC Films and the BFI. It was one of six films chosen from over 200 entries for the final part of development and the scheme was named one of the "best low-budget schemes in the world" by producer Ted Hope (Adventureland, 21 Grams). 

Kate is writing Miss Universe with Briony Redman (Red Planet Prize finalist and co-writer of Kate's film Smear) and Douglas Cox with his genre production company, Shadowhouse Films. Dougie's last film, Dawn of the Deaf played at Sundance, Fantastic Fest, London Film Festival, Fantasia and won Best Short at Sitges. 

Articles in Screen Daily and Film London

From Kate: "After being traumatised by Little Shop of Horrors and The Blob at a young age I've always had a fascination with the sci-fi genre. With Miss Universe I loved the premise of having this unlikely group of women be the answer to saving earth. A film where they could be kickass and still feminine (inspired by Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Night of the Comet) and not just playing the girlfriend or fighting as a lone warrior but as part of a team. Some of my favourite comedies use humour to satirise the female experience (Heathers, Death Becomes Her) and I think Miss Universe will be a funny and honest look at female competitiveness and friendship (with a great deal of alien blood thrown in, obviously)."