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‘Sex Education’ follows Otis (Asa Butterfield), a teenage virgin who lives with his overbearing, sex therapist mother, Jean (Gillian Anderson). Gifted with encyclopaediac knowledge about sex, but cursed with the inability to do anything about it for himself, he teams up with resident bad girl, Maeve (Emma Mackey), and together they start a sex therapy clinic at school. An homage to John Hughes movies, with a woke, modern and British twist, ‘Sex Education’ is a fresh, funny and honest show about sex, and more importantly love, for anyone who’s ever been a teenager.

Kate directed the second second half of the show, episodes 5, 6, 7 and the show’s finale, 8, including the iconic “It’s my vagina” epsiode. ‘Sex Education’ is the first full-length television series Kate has directed for television, previously directing short films for both the BBC and Sky Comedy. The first half of Sex Education’ was directed by Ben Taylor (Catastrophe). It was produced by Eleven Film for Netflix, as a Netflix Original. In it’s first month Netflix released it has had over 40 milion views.

Hollywood Reporter said of the directing on the show, “Directors Ben Taylor and then Kate Herron craft rhythmns in which a lewd-and-breezy joke about a boner or pubic grooming can lull you into easy laughter just in time for something emotionally devastating or impossibly sweet.”

‘Sex Education’ went on Netflix on January 11th 2019 to 190 countries. It was described as, “A standout teen comedy” by Rolling Stone, “Snort out loud funny” by the Financial Times'‘ and “Horny and heartfelt” by Entertainment Weekly. It has an 91% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and 81 on Meta Critic. For it’s first two weeks it was number one on the IMDB Moviemeter. It can be viewed on Netflix, here.



“A standout new teen comedy.” - ROLLING STONE

“Snort out loud funny” - FINANCIAL TIMES

“Directors Ben Taylor and then Kate Herron craft rhythms in which a lewd-and-breezy joke about a boner or pubic grooming can lull you into easy laughter just in time for something emotionally devastating or impossibly sweet.” - HOLLYWOOD REPORTER 

“Destined to be Netflix teen show royalty.” - REFINERY29

“Populated by multidimensional characters with sympathetic problems, the show embodies–and espouses–some of TV’s most progressive views on sex” - TIME

“Like sex—like good sex anyway—it’s often an absolute pleasure.” - ROGER EBERT.COM

“What sets Sex Education apart from other shows that concern themselves with adolescence, sex, and love is its tenderness. Instead of perpetually treating the sex lives of teens as a childish joke, the show’s directors, Kate Herron and Ben Taylor, tend to them with kindness.” - VOX

“Sex Education is the sharpest, smartest – dare I say wokest? – comedy I’ve seen in years.” - BRITISH GQ

“Horny and heartfelt.” - ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY

“Pretty close to a perfect TV-Series” - VOGUE

“Sex Education isn’t just good; it’s “cancel your weekend plans” good.” - DECIDER

“Blooms, over eight episodes, into a smart, sensitive look at teens finding their place” - THE NEW YORK TIMES

“A rare thing: it's a series that foregrounds sex, only to let it illuminate everything beyond.” - THE GUARDIAN

“Finally, TV who dares to represent women who wank on their bellies.” - HUFFINGTON POST

“Marks a new chapter for the teen genre” - MASHABLE

“Sex Education blends teen sex-romp tropes with a refreshing level of empathy.” - ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY

“Finds original ways to explore the story of a character many other series have written off as comic relief.” - VARIETY

“A loving British homage to teen comedies” - DEN OF THE GEEK

“Sex Education’s” innate sweetness comes with the message that while one 16-year-old might be ready for sex, another might not be — and that’s okay.” - INDIEWIRE

“Honest in its humour and depiction of fumbling moments towards desire and understanding yourself.” - i-D VICE

“These aren’t issues that only affect teens in 2019—these issues transcend time. It doesn’t matter what year Sex Education takes place in; it could take place in any decade and speak to that generation’s youth.” - DAILYDOT

“A series that pulls off a curious trick: It's a woke raunch comedy, replete with graphic and humiliating sexual experiences, yet bent on using them in a very sincere way.” - THE ATLANTIC