Panelist on the Make It Up As You Go: Directing Through Improv Panel at London Short Film Festival industry day

On Tuesday 13th January at 14:00 I spoke on the Cinema Jam and LOCO Film Festival panel at the London Short Film Festival industry day to speak about directing improv. I was not crying at the photo might suggest. 

I was on the panel with brilliant improv comedian Paul Foxcroft (Drifters, E4) and award-winning comedian Cariad Lloyd (The Cariad Show, BBC3). We spoke about how improvisation can influence and inspire film directors at every stage of filmmaking. 

We screened my improv comedy short Open House the end, which Paul Foxcroft is the lead in. We made the short back in 2013 as part of a 48-hour competition. I had always been an admirer of improv from afar but this was my first experience of working with improv comedians. I also met Briony on the film who I've since gone on to be shortlisted for iFeatures with and write a screenplay with and been well and truly sucked into the world of improv as a performer so even if it's a bit rough around the edges it's very special to me. 

Open House has been featured by ShootingPeople, described by Raindance film festival as "Funny and entertaining" and won ShootingPeople's Film of the Month in September in 2013, picked by head of Warp Films Robin Gutch.